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Too Many Ghosts is the debut album by Du Glas featuring The Ones We Love, Starlight Motel and the bands cover of The L and N.


Our latest album The Edge of the World features songs that are firmly rooted in the band's West Cornwall homeland with tales of treachery in a smuggling community (‘First and Last'), a sailor stealing a young girl's heart (‘Boy from Across the Sea'), changelings (‘Selkie'), and even a 19th century feminist anthem (‘I Can Buddy’)! The title track encapsulates this mood, conjuring pictures of rocky headlands, crashing waves, ruined mine stacks and ‘blue remembered’ skies’ as it builds to an epic chorus where multiple harmonies convey a sense of life's regrets and, at the same time, the endless possibilities. Musically the album has a slightly harder edge than the band's previous offerings with songs like ‘So Long' and ‘Homes Fit For Heroes’ packing a real punch, while the our folk and country roots are well in evidence on tracks like ‘Top of the World’, ‘Akaroa Bay' and ‘When My Heart Used To Beat’.


Drummer, Kevin Cook, lays down solid and inventive rhythms throughout while Lou Peixinha's musical fingerprints are all over the record as she contributes violin, cello, flute and piccolo to the mix, as well as adding stunning vocal harmonies. Bassist, David Gourley, holds it all together with great melodic lines while chief songwriter, Ant Power, puts down rhythm and lead guitars and even has a couple of lead vocals. Lead singer, Lucy Osborne, has added guitar, mandolin and songwriting skills to her portfolio while her pure soprano soars over the varied musical palettes with a grace and ease that can be breathtaking. Her vocal on ‘Will Ye No Come Home', where she takes the part of a woman who's lover has left her to seek work on the other side of the world, is particularly heartfelt.


The album ends on a contemporary note with ‘While We Dance’, a plea to save the world from environmental disaster. Set to an insistent beat with slashing guitar lines and hypnotic violin and cello stabs, this mordant soundscape provides a suitably atmospheric backdrop to the chilling dystopian lyric and a rousing conclusion to this varied collection of songs.

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