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New songs are brewin'... 

So what's new? First of all, Ant somehow managed to fall off his garden wall and crack a bone in his arm! However things are looking up, the arm is on the mend and we have loads of gigs coming up 😊.

Last Saturday saw a rare appearance by Lucy and Anthony as a duo. We were invited to close the Saturday evening concert of Mawgan in Meneage feast week. Huge thanks to Rob Jordan for organising this event and for asking us to play and to everyone there for making us so welcome.

One knock on effect of the broken arm has been that Ant's spent more time writing lyrics(because he couldn't play guitar!), so quite a few new songs are ‘in progress'. When he first started writing songs(many many years ago!) the bands that inspired him tended to write a lot of ‘political’ lyrics and he tried to do the same. Over the years he's moved away from that to writing more personal stuff but the politics are coming back, watch this space for some examples!

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Du Glas
Du Glas
18 de jun. de 2019

Catch up with our latest goings on in Anthony's latest blog post 😀

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