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Loving the gigging life!!! 

The gigs are coming thick and fast now but last Saturday's was something special. Our first time at the Old Success in Sennen and we had a blast! The pub was absolutely rammed and, from the first song, they tapped their feet, sang along and danced, even though there wasn't much space to do so! Altogether a great evening, Lucy loved it so much she couldn't bear to leave and spent the night in her van listening to the waves breaking on the shore 😊

We're currently getting together plans for some more recording. The idea is to record three songs at a time in four sessions over the next 12 months, releasing some online and putting them all together for an album release next summer. Ant's got a small backlog of songs but is really excited about the new stuff he's writing(with some help from Lucy). Here's a photo from our writing session this week, the phrase organised chaos springs to mind!

Finally for today one of the major music venues in Penzance, the iconic Studio Bar, is being threatened with closure. Studio Bar is a major outlet for numerous local bands (including us!) and Penzance's cultural life will definitely suffer if the closure goes ahead. If you'd like to help in the campaign to save Studio Bar there's a meeting on Sunday 2 June. Here's a link to the Facebook group to find out more about it.

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