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A sunny Sunday in Devon!!

So this is the first in what (we hope!) will be a weekly piece about Du Glas and what we're getting up to, well the respectable bits anyway! It's a busy time of the year for us and last Sunday saw our first foray beyond the Tamar with an appearance at the Bradworthy Arts Festival in North Devon. We had a great time and the audience enjoyed our energetic set which was mostly made up of our original songs. It was good to be able to play some of the more reflective tracks from the album like Linden Tree, Be Here Now and Life Should Be So Easy. Many thanks to Dave King from the festival organising committee for looking after us. After we'd played, we had a bit of a ‘band-bonding’ session, otherwise known as an after-show drink (see photo), at the Bradworthy Inn, and very nice it was too!

We're currently eagerly awaiting the final cut of the video for ‘Too Many Ghosts’ so that we can promote it as a new single. The film was actually shot on a very cold day back in January, in a barn just outside Ludgvan so we're all wrapped up in winter clothes, and features a scene of Lucy beating up Anthony! All acting of course! Anthony's nephew, Dan Watkins, is the film maker and he's just working on the ending which, of course, involves a murder and a suicide. You can't say we don't tackle challenging subjects in our music!

Well time to sign off now as we have to write the set lists for Saturday's gig at the Rockpool. Back next week, byeeee!

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So happy to see you all. Keep on delighting people all summer! Wish I was on your side of the world.

Me gusta
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